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Flexible Comfort Band

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Flexible to Cup the Crown of Your Head!

*More Color Options Not Pictured*

Comfort bands can be used with surgical masks and/or cloth masks to relieve pain and stress on ears. They increase comfort for when wearing face masks for extended periods of time.

Cleaning Instructions: Can use Cavicide or any disinfectant spray or wipes

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The 3D printed products presented here is intended to assist the general public during the current  global pandemic related to COVID-19 and the related nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment. Please be aware that these products are not intended to replace standard protective equipment when available.  The use of these 3D printed products have not been fully tested and has not been approved by federal or state authorities. None of the individuals associated with buffalo3dppe.com assume any liability and make no representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding the safety, efficacy, or appropriate use of these masks in any particular situation. Each individual or facility should test each batch of these products prior to relying on them for protection. Use of this information for any purpose is at the user’s own risk.